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Keeping our shoppers safe is of utmost importance.  If you have a maintenance issue that is a potential hazard to shoppers, please phone the Rental Office (7 days) or the Information Station (Fri-Sun).  It's a good idea to program the market's number into your phone or have it handy at your booth.  386-253-3330.  Spills on the floor, electrical malfunctions and other maintenance issue should be disseminated to us immediately so we can radio the grounds crew to assist.

How do I settle a dispute with my neighbor... ?

As a vendor, you're responsible for conducting yourself with the utmost respect for your buying public, your vendor neighbors and the market staff.  If you run into an issue with your vendor neighbor or the public that you cannot resolve calmly and peacefully, you are to contact our rental office or information station to step in.

How do I help a shopper find their way... ?

The Information Station is located on the Main Aisle, between rows B and C.  The Information station is where our shoppers can rent wheel chairs, strollers, have missing parties paged as well as get information on where to find the item(s) they are looking for.  It's a good idea for you to familiarize yourself with the layout of the market.  If you cannot provide the answers to the questions you may be asked by shoppers, refer them to the Information Station.  Keeping the Market a shopper-friendly venue is to everyone's advantage.

Where can I find necessities for my booth... ?

County ordinances require fire-retardant tarps to be used for any tarping need in your booth.  Contact the rental office for vendors who currently sell approved tarps. Tarps must have the approved fire-retardant stamp on them and that stamp must be visible when the tarp is in use..

Who are the market's staff members and what do they do... ?

The Daytona Flea & Farmer's Market has a staff of more than 50 people.  Operating and maintaining the Market is a 7 day per week job, even though the market is only open to the public for three of those days.  During the closed hours, the market personnel are busy cleaning and maintaining the market inside and out, planning events, booking vendors, advertising and marketing, prepping food and tending to the books.

The Market also employs deputy sherrif officers on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  These are off-duty, uniformed officers on private detail and they do employ the knowledge and training to act as on-duty police officers.  Should an urgent situation arise, such as theft or other crime or a life-threatening situation, please contact the Information Station or the Rental Office immediately for assistance by an officer.

What is the VAF charge on my monthly rental bill... ?

The VAF is the Vendor Advertising Fund.  This is a standard charge to all monthly vendors to assist in advertising for the market.  The Market matches and adds to this fund to advertise in print, television and radio media.

What is a Flea Buck and how do I handle it... ?

Flea Bucks are one of the Market's tools for promotion.  Flea Bucks are a yellow dollar-sized certificate with red print and are redeemable at the rental office for 'real' dollars.  Flea Bucks are generally given to tour bus drivers, charities and outside promotions as well as to market shoppers during give-aways.  As a vendor, your are required to accept Flea Bucks, as if they were cash.  To check for Flea Buck validity, make sure the flea buck has an expiration date that has not passed, is stamped with the general managers signature, is printed on yellow paper with red ink and has a serial number.  If you are ever in question about the validity of a flea buck, please contact the Information Station or the Rental Office.  Flea Bucks are as good as cash within the market and may be redeemed at any vendor's booth, concession or restaurant.  You may, at any time, report to the rental office to redeem each Flea Buck for real dollars.

Can I have mail sent to the market ... ?

The short answer is no, you should not have mail sent to the market address.  When setting up your business, bank and merchant services, reference your home address as your mailing address.  The Market does not offer a mail delivery service.  This is very important when setting-up your initial addresses with your business associations.  Make sure that your bank, your credit card service provider and any one else that sends you mail knows that they must not use the Market's address.  Whether you are a corporate entity, a DBA or LLC, the Market's address should never be used as your mail delivery address.  Shipments may be scheduled for delivery at the market through UPS, Fedex and other carriers, but ONLY on days that you will be at the Market to intercept such packages.  Market employees will not sign for parcels or deliveries for you.  You must be on-site at the time of delivery - and that carrier must have your specific Market location and be willing to deliver to that location.  

Do I have to refund or exchange faulty merchandise ... ?

As a vendor in one of the United State's most respected markets, you are responsible for buying and selling quality products.  You are bound by our policy to replace or refund faulty electronic products.  Electronic products are items that operate on any electrical source, whether battery, AC or DC currents.  If you do not buy and sell products that you can stand behind, the Market will satisfy your customer and reserves the right to charge any cost incurred to your monthly rent, at it's discretion.  It is to everyone's advantage to buy and sell products that you would be satisfied owning yourself.  If you cannot do this, simply, do not sell the product!

Do I have to provide my customers with a receipt ... ?

Receipts are not only your customer's right, they are your and your customer's record of a monetary transaction.  You MUST be prepared to produce a receipt for ANY sale.  If your cash register is not equipped to produce receipts or you do not use a cash register, you must have the supplies on-hand to hand-write a receipt for your customer.  

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Policies, Rules and Regulations

1. VENDOR'S GUARANTEE: Vendors are required to guarantee all new merchandise for a minimum of thirty (30) days from the date of purchase. If the customer requests a receipt, one must be provided and must include your name, Market location, items purchased, cost of each item and the date of the purchase. If a customer returns with defective merchandise within the thirty(30) day period (or longer if your guarantee provides), you are expected to satisfy the customer. At the customer's option, you may repair or replace the merchandise or provide a full cash refund. Any repair or replacement should be accomplished within two (2) weeks or you are expected to make a full cash refund, upon demand by the customer. The customer will not be expected to incur any expense when the thirty (30) day guarantee applies. Manufacturer's product guarantees requiring the customer to incur expenses such as shipping and handling charges are not acceptable. The Market does not extend any guarantee to the vendor's customers; however, if the Market chooses to incur any expense in satisfying a vendor's obligation under this paragraph, the Market will require full reimbursement from the vendor prior to renewing your next month's rent.

2. MARKET HOURS: Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday the gates open at 6:30 a.m. and vendors are required to be out of the Market by 6:00 p.m. Customers are welcome between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Vendors are required to keep hours from 9 AM to 4 PM. This means your store must open by 9:00 am and must remain so until 4 PM every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you are not able to be open, please notify the Information Station or Rental Office of your unavailability. We must work together to direct the flow of traffic to businesses that are OPEN and ready for sales. The market realizes that many of our vendors have other obligations that inhibit operating in the hours we've set forth, so if you have other obligations within market hours, please notify us so we are not directing customers to you when you're not available. Our goal is to operate to the benefit of all vendors- and customers. We reserve the right to impose sanctions on businesses that open late and/or close early. When customers arrive, we want them to see a market full of vendors ready for business, not closed stores behind tarps.

3. VENDOR RESERVATIONS: Reservations must be paid for by 7:30 a.m. the day of the reservation. Daily vendors may pay for the following weekend on Sunday. Daily vendors can make reservations online at or by calling the rental office. Visit our web site for more information. Cash is the only method of payment accepted for daily rentals.

4. VENDOR'S PASS & RENT: Prior to setting up, all vendors must pay their rent and receive a Vendor's Pass which must accompany the vendor at all times. DOUBLE rent will be charged to any vendor who sets up without first paying. Absolutely NO REFUNDS on pre-paid rent. Similar locations throughout the Market rent for the same amount and the current rates are as follows, with some exceptions:

5. MONTHLY VENDOR or PERMANENT STATUS: Vendors who pay monthly in advance for all three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and other mandatory days shall be deemed to have permanent status at the Market. Permanent status shall give the vendor the right to renew the space and maintain the location. The Market reserves the right to revoke this status at any time. This is a month to month tenancy and either party may terminate this tenancy by giving the other party written notice of termination. Monthly vendors are required to pay the next month's rent in advance by 5:00 p.m. in the date stamped on the current month's pass. If not paid on time, the space can be rented to another vendor. At the Market's option, a monthly vendor will be allowed to pay his/her rent late with a 5%late charge, compounded weekly on the unpaid balance. Vendor agrees to pay the entire unpaid balance prior to the next month's renewal or agrees to vacate the spaces at the request of the Market. Daily or weekend vendors may re-rent their spaces if available and the Market has no obligation to hold said space open for the vendor for the next business day. The Market reserves the right to terminate any rental agreement immediately. Special Note: Some spaces have one-time location fees. Please see the rental office for details. Monthly vendors may pay by cash or check only.

6. SELLING YOUR BUSINESS: Under no circumstances, no vendor, regardless of his/her longevity, permanent status, booth improvements or any other reason, shall have the right to sell his/her booth space. If you want to sell your business and transfer the booth space to the purchaser, then you must contact the rental office for rules regarding transfers. The Market reserves the right to decline the proposed new vendor/purchaser. A transfer fee determined solely by the Market Manager and the next month's rent must be paid before the transfer takes effect. Rent must be currently paid in full.

7. SUBLETTING OR LOANING OF SPACE: Subletting or loaning of a space is prohibited unless authorized in writing by the Market and a Vendor's Pass is issued. All subletees or loanees must have a written pass from the office or they will be removed from the space. A violation of this rule by the vendor will result in the vendor losing his/her renewal rights to said space. At the Market's option, if the subletee can prove that he/she has sublet the space for more than one month, he/she will be entitled to take over the space provided the subletee pays to the Market the applicable transfer fee. Rent must be currently paid in full.

8. NO SHOW: All spaces rented must be occupied by 9:00 a.m. or the vendor forfeits the use of said space for the day and the space can be rented to another vendor for that day. The Market will retain all of said rent should you be coming in late for any reason, call the Market office and we will hold your space (Vendors who do not show up after calling in late may lose their monthly status).

9. VENDOR'S PROPERTY AND LIABILITY: The Vendor understands and agrees that the Market is not responsible for any damage or loss of the Vendor's property, regardless of the circumstances. Vendor understands and agrees that it is the vendors responsibility to purchase insurance to cover any damage or loss of the Vendor's property. The Market is not responsible for any liability arising out of the negligent acts of vendors or their employees or for any injuries sustained by employees of vendors. Vendors should obtain adequate property, liability and workman's compensation insurance to cover their property and liability. In the event the Market issued for any negligent act of a vendor, the Market and its insurance company will subrogate against said vendor for the full amount of any loss paid.

10. TABLES: One (1) 3x8' table is provided with each inside space rented. An extra table, if available, costs $2.50 per day ($1.00 per day if rented on a monthly basis) plus tax. No table is provided with an outside space. POSITIVELY no table is to be removed from another space. If your table is missing, let the office know and a table will be put in your space. Tables should not be overloaded or abused. Nails, staples and other sharp objects should not be placed in the sides or front of the tables as this creates a safety hazard. Extra tables CAN NOT be rented for center spaces.

11. ELECTRICITY: If you need electricity at your booth, you must pay a hookup fee. No electric heaters, coffee pots, microwaves, hotplates, etc. shall be used. Plugs are provided free for customers to test goods. Orange commercial grade extension cords must be used where extension cords are allowed by the office. Vendors violating safety/electric codes will be fined.

12. DISPLAY AREA: All merchandise and advertising signs must be kept within the display area between the space poles and behind the black line. No display is allowed on the grass area used for vendor parking unless this additional selling space is paid for. All merchandise must be kept within the black lines and below a height of six feet in all center spaces. Most spaces are 10 x 7.

13. SIGNS: One (1) sign is allowed per vendor to denote the vendor's name, address and merchandise sold. No signs shall be larger than 2 ft. x 3 ft. The sign shall be displayed within the boundary of the space and an imaginary vertical line above the black boundary line. Any vendor having two (2) or more spaces not connected shall be allowed a sign at each location. Nails, staples, tape and similar materials shall be removed at the end of the day.

14. ADVERTISING: Individual onsite advertising is available via the market PA system, the Flea Press and mini billboards located throughout the market (contact the Information Station for details). In addition to the Market's own advertising program, we will match funds raised by the Vendor Ad Fund. All monthly vendors are required to pay the current ad fee per month to the Vendor Ad Fund, which is a joint effort between management and vendors to advertise and promote the Market.

15. CONSTRUCTION: Absolutely no construction can take place at the Market without approval by the Market manager and only after required permits are in hand. Mobile display racks or partitions not attached to the Market building also require approval by the Market manager. Illegal construction will be removed. No construction, whatsoever, may be done during hours the market is open to the public. You must complete projects outside of public-access hours - no exceptions!

16. VENDOR'S GARBAGE AND CLEAN UP: Vendors are required to clean up their space at the close of the business day. All papers, boxes and other garbage shall be picked up and disposed of in the garbage containers provided throughout the Market. The space shall be maintained as neat and orderly as possible throughout the business day. TOGETHER we can provide OUR customers with a clean place to shop and your help is appreciated. County ordinance requires us and you to recycle cardboard - besides, it's the green thing to do! Please place in appropriate bins. The cardboard bins are the wire pens, often located bydumpsters.

17. ASPHALT PROTECTION: All vendors using racks, chairs, etc. are required to place sufficient surfaces underneath them to prevent damage to the asphalt. There will be a $10.00 charge for each violation after the initial warning.

18. SELLING OF FOOD OR DRINK ITEMS: Positively NO FOOD OR DRINK ITEM shall be brought on the premises. If you want to sell a questionable food item, you must have prior written approval from the Market Manager.

19. BANNED ITEMS: The following items are not allowed to be sold at or brought to the Market: dynamite or other explosive material; dangerous or poisonous chemicals or any other similar item that could be hazardous to the public; dangerous animals such as dogs with vicious tendencies, poisonous snakes, or large cats such as tigers, lions, etc.; no illegal or stolen item; no drug paraphernalia. Offensive books and materials are not allowed unless wrapped and bagged when sold and kept out of the view of minors at all times. The selling of counterfeit merchandise is strictly prohibited and will result in you losing your space.

20. ANIMALS: Animals such as birds, parrots, dogs, cats, rabbits, non-poisonous snakes, etc. can be sold at the Market. However, all animals must be maintained in cages at all times and upon their sale, shall be delivered to the customer in an appropriate box or cage. A permit from the Volusia County Animal Control is required for the sale of dogs and cats (248-1790). Florida Law does not permit animals to be walked in the Market. Vendors are not allowed to bring pets.

21. LICENSES AND PERMITS REQUIRED: During business hours all vendors are required to have at their space the following: A) The Vendor Pass issued from the Market office. B) A Sales Tax Certificate issued from the Florida Department of Revenue at1821 Business Park Blvd., Daytona Beach (386) 274-6600. C) A Volusia County business tax receipt issued by the Department of Business Regulation of Volusia County at 250 North Beach Street, Daytona Beach (386-254-4635). Or visit: An annual license costs $30.00 or a one-day license costs $3.00. The Business tax receipt can also now be purchased from the rental office. D) A State of Florida License is required if you are selling any prepared foods, and is issued by the Department of Agriculture, Consumer Services(850) 488-3022 E) The Department of Agriculture. State of Florida, requires a license in order to sell live plants, (850) 245-5595. You may also want to visit, which provides a wealth of information on running a business in the state of Florida. The market will not guide you in the particulars of operating your business. Research your obligations and any permitting requirements for your service or product to avoid any future problems. The market is your launch pad for your business, but the particulars of business operations are governed under Florida law and your responsibility is to comply with those laws.

22. STORAGE: This service is available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. The storage fee per night is $3.00 or $7.50 for all three nights. Merchandise, etc. can be left on Thursday, Friday or Saturday night. The Market assumes NO responsibility or liability for vendors' property. VENDORS LEAVE PROPERTY AT THEIR OWN RISK. Theft of or damage to merchandise is the risk you take when you leave your merchandise. If you leave any merchandise, you must pay storage, NO EXCEPTIONS.

23. MAIL: The Market does not offer mail service. Be sure that your bank, merchant services provider and all other important business contacts have your home or business mailing address. The Market address is not to be used for your mail delivery. The following is the information we provide Market customers regarding defective merchandise: To Our Customers: All our Vendors are required to guarantee new merchandise against defects for a minimum of 30 days. If you have a problem with a guarantee within this 30 day period, we will be happy to assist you provided you have a receipt with the following information:1). Vendor's name 2). Vendor's market location 3). Date of purchase 4). Item(s) purchased The following items are not required to be guaranteed under this policy: 1). Perishable goods (such as produce) 2). Used items including antiques 3). Any motorized vehicle (gas or electric) Please browse the FAQ page on our vendor website: DaytonaFleaMarket.ORG for further insights on business operations, your obligations to your customers and common questions related to operating your own business at the Market. 

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